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ATHENS Programme


Presentation and Objectives

ATHENS is a programme of scientific and cultural exchanges proposed twice a year (in March and November) to students of the schools and Universities making up the network of the same name.

Set up in 1996, the ATHENS network (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network/Socrates) consists of ParisTech and 14 European Universities. Each year, 5000 students take part in the exchanges, and about 2100 of them go on a session in another country of the network.

This programme consists of a 1-week course module to be picked from all those offered by the partners, as well as a programme of cultural activities by the host University.

At the termination of an ATHENS Session, the Home Institution officially recognises the work carried out, according to the results obtained on an examination organised by the Host Institution and evaluated according to its proper system of grading. Each complete Session is generally worth 1.5 to 3 ECTS credits. The number of credits given depends on the home University.


Organisation and Registration for courses

Please consult your local ATHENS coordinator in order to know the different deadlines of the selection proces.


ATHENS Regulations

ATHENS programme student commitment

Read and sign the document and give it to his/her home coordinator.
(While applying you sign a student commitment containing the rules that you commit yourself to respect when participating in ATHENS)

Things to know

Very important information for students.


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November 15-22, 2014 session in Paris

Information for incoming foreign students:

  • Arrival date: Friday November 14
  • Starting time and place: Saturday, November 15 at 11:00 at MINES ParisTech (60 boulevard Saint-Michel 75006 PARIS)
  • Termination date: Saturday November 22 (No activity on Saturday)
  • About Housing in Paris: students who will ask for a room when they register will be housed by ParisTech in very "simple" forms of lodging. Rooms are reserved for 8 nights, from Friday to Saturday morning (except for KUL students who get a 7 nights reservation, from Saturday to Saturday morning). For security reasons students are not allowed to change rooms.

    Please see below where you have been housed.

  • The average total cost for a 8 nights stay in Paris is about 400 Euros (this average price includes cheap meals).
  • General programme (for non ParisTech incoming students)
    WARNING! Because of the very big number of foreign ATHENS students in Paris, ParisTech is not able to offer the visits to ParisTech students. The general programme thus concerns ONLY students coming to Paris from other Universities.