No. 5 - Our living environment

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Mobility allows you to develop open-mindedness to an international environment and to be trained in a multicultural context.

France offers the combination of high technology, innovation and tradition, but also history, tourism, quality of life and excellence in higher education.

Vibrant social and cultural life

ParisTech students are very active, and the Grandes Écoles are bustling with associations and networks to get in touch with each other. They are also involved in countless social and cultural projects and initiatives.
And the choice of cultural attractions in and around Paris that you can enjoy while studying at ParisTech is virtually endless.

Three campuses, one amazing place

Saclay, Marne-la-Vallée and ParisTech Centre in the heat and heart of the Latin Quarter are all great places where you can enjoy campus life as much as city life.

A warm welcome

Most Grandes Écoles have world-class accommodation, restaurants and other facilities, and help new students with their administrative formalities. They also organise language courses for students who come here without the required proficiency in French.

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The ParisTech Grandes Écoles