IMD: five years of research into the future of transport

On 27th November 2014, Renault, the Fondation Renault (Renault Foundation) and ParisTech celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Sustainable Mobility Institute (IMD) at the Institut’s annual seminar.

It was in 2009 that Renault, the Fondation Renault and ParisTech decided to create a multidisciplinary platform for joint research work on the future of transport and on mobility solutions. By relying on the skills of the world of academia and on the operational players in mobility, this platform allows researchers to understand and support this transitional phase on the road to electromobility, and serves to inform decisions.

For the last five years the Sustainable Mobility Institute has been piloting research programmes and developing training on 4 themes, involving 7 of ParisTech’s Grandes Écoles and 10 of its research laboratories.

The project’s players took the opportunity of this 5th anniversary to give a detailed account of their work, significant advances and their forecasts for each of the 4 main areas mentioned above:

  • Electrical mobility system
  • Business model
  • Global vision
  • Technologies


This work has been punctuated by several publications, theses, tools, studies and patents, which are obvious milestones demonstrating the magnitude of the achievements.

Lastly, we mustn’t forget that in 2010 theSustainable Mobility Institutecreated a Masters in Mobilité et véhicules électriques (Mobility and Electric Vehicles) which trains young engineers to design, manufacture and recycle electric vehicles.

Read the press release to find out about the IMD’s practical achievements.


From left to right:

  • Thierry Bolloré, Deputy Director for Competitiveness, Renault Group
  • Gaspar Gascon-Abellan, Director of Engineering, Renault Group
  • Jean-Phillippe Vanot, President of ParisTech
  • Claire Martin, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Renault Group
  • Bruno Ancelin, Products and Programmes Director, Renault Group
  • Romain Beaume, Director of the Sustainable Mobility Institute
  • Alain Bamberger, ParisTech’s representative for Research, innovation and value creation

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles