5 good reasons to choose ParisTech

5 good reasons to choose ParisTech

1. Our brand name

2. Our excellent education

3. Our network of partner universities

4. Our relation with business

5. Our living environment



Our brand name

ParisTech, the Institute of Science and Technology in Paris, is a network of 12 of the most prestigious School in the Ile-de-France region:

  • AgroParisTech

  • Arts et Métiers ParisTech

  • Chimie ParisTech

  • École des Ponts ParisTech

  • ENSAE ParisTech

  • ENSTA ParisTech

  • ESPCI ParisTech

  • Institut d’Optique Graduate School

  • MINES ParisTech

  • Telecom ParisTech


It is working to develop joint educational, research, and innovation projects in the fields of science, technology and management. 

The complementary nature of the areas of excellence of the ParisTech Grandes Écoles provides students, researchers, and all partners with an outstanding pool which allows for a unique transdisciplinarity.  

The ParisTech activities are based on three main areas:


  • the promotion of education based on the French Grande École model in France and abroad

  • multi-disciplinarity in education and research for the benefit of business

  • increasing commitment to promote diversity 


ParisTech has gained strong public recognition over the years, due to its close ties with major foreign universities and its many partnerships with international companies.  The Grandes Écoles can benefit from international recognition through the ParisTech brand name.


A formative and unifying impact 

ParisTech’s best successes include:

  • the implementation of joint Masters

  • the doubling of foreign student recruitment

  • the institution of common chairs and the ability to raise funds

  • the "engineer-manager" dual-degree agreements

  • the Villebon-Georges Charpak Institute

  • the Institute of Sustainable Mobility

  • the École d'ingénieurs ParisTech Shanghai Jiao Tong

  • the ParisTech Entrepreneurs Incubator

  • European successes (KIC Climat)


Did you know that?

Several of the ParisTech Grandes Écoles were founded at the beginning of the 18th century with the aim of training the technical managers and military officers of the great state bodies (Army, Mines, Civil Engineering, etc.)


Our excellent education

The French higher education system is embedded in the European model and is organised in three programmes:  Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral.

In France the top qualifications in Engineering or Management are delivered by the Grandes Écoles.

These Grandes Écoles offer courses leading to the diplôme Grande École d’ingénieurs (MSc in engineering) and the diplôme Grande École de Management (MSc in Management). 

Excellent education which attracts the best students

ParisTech brings together 12 of these engineering and management Grandes Écoles in the Ile-de-France region, which are acknowledged as the best in their fields, and are characterised by their high standard of education and the excellence of their teaching staff and laboratories. 

They offer a wide range of academic programmes: 

  • Diplôme d'Ingénieur (MSc in Engineering)

  • Diplôme Grande École in Management (MSc in Management)

  • ParisTech Master’s 

  • Doctoral programmes 


The Diplômes Grandes Écoles deliver high-quality education which is distinguished by: 

  • a competitive and selective environment on admission and throughout the course. 

  • innovative teaching methods which combine theory and practice 

  • strong scientific potential 

  • close partnerships with business and the world of research 

  • an international presence


ParisTech is also deeply committed to promoting the value of the doctoral programmes of its Grandes Écoles. High-quality research, international collaboration and technical innovation are at the heart of doctoral curricula.


Did you know that?

Grant & scholarships

Top students can apply for a number of excellence scholarships from:

  • Government agencies

  • Companies aiming to worldwilde

  • Associations and foundations supporting the French Grandes Écoles


The ParisTech Foundation

In order to attract the best candidates, to support technology innovations and to foresee skills we will need in the future, the ParisTech Foundation commits to tomorrow’s talents by offering grants to ParisTech students of the following Masters :
  • BioMedical Engineering (BME)
  • Clean and Renewable Energy (CARE)
  • Gestion et traitement des eaux, des sols et des déchets (GTESD)
  • Materials and Engineering Sciences in Paris (MAGIS)
The ParisTech Foundation offers grants to candidates meeting the following criteria:
  • Priority is given to international students
  • They must provide proof of insufficient financial resources
  • Their academic performance must be of an excellent standard

Our network of partner universities

International co-operation is inherent in the education and research activities developed at ParisTech

Beyond the individual actions carried out by its member Grandes Écoles, ParisTech's international commitment is shown through bilateral partnership agreements with prestigious foreign institutions and its incorporation in the co-operation networks dedicated to teaching and research.

The institute is a preferred French partner for major foreign universities in the scientific, technical, and managerial fields.

International partnerships are a key area for ParisTech and the success of the co-operation programmes initiated confirms this international mission. ParisTech co-ordinates recruitment of the best international students in some countries for all of its Grandes Écoles.  Due to this operation, more than a hundred students come to study in the member Grandes Écoles each year.

ParisTech has chosen to focus its efforts on three priority areas:

  • Asia, with China 

  • South America, with Brazil

  • Europe, with Russia 


ParisTech offers numerous opportunities for international mobility through:




  • Beida – Peking University
  • University of Sao Paulo
  • Lomonossov Moscow State University
  • Cau - China Agricultural Universty
  • State University of Campinas
  • BMSTU - Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Fudan Universty Shanghai
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • NICE – Novosibirsk International Centre for Education
  • Huazhong University
  • Catholic Pontifical University of Rio de Janeiro
  • TPU - Tomsk Polytechnic University
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Military Engineering Institut
  • Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University
  • Nanjing University
  • State Universityof Campinas
  • TSU - Tomsk University
  • Nau – Nanjing Agricultural University


  • MSU - Moscou Lomonossov University
  • Seu – southeast University


  • Saint-Petersburg University
  • Tongji University



  • Tsinghua University



  • Wuhan University



  • Zhejiang University




Our relation with business

ParisTech is a leading actor in supporting and promoting the world of business.

ParisTech has permanent partnerships with companies, natural allies with which it shares the same key priorities:

  • competitiveness
  • innovation
  • creating added value

ParisTech maintains close links with companies in every area to accompany its growth and ensure that training delivered by the ParisTech Grandes Écoles matches economic and social needs. ParisTech now has 100 major industrial partners, representative of its close links with the business world.
The company is a player in its own right in education in the Grandes Écoles:

  • Teaching: many actors in partner companies are invited to give lectures
  • Training: all the courses include internships and study projects with the partner companies
  • Business creation: courses on entrepreneurship were created to develop the students' entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Research: many teaching and research chairs have been created in partnership with companies

Partner companies and the Grandes Écoles pursue shared ambitions:

  • to stimulate new dynamics
  • to promote innovative methods
  • to ensure the transfer of technology
  • to train high-potential experts and executives
  • to contribute to the evolution of society


Our living environment

Mobility allows you to develop open-mindedness to an international environment and to be trained in a multicultural context.

France offers the combination of high technology, innovation and tradition, but also history, tourism, quality of life and excellence in higher education.

Vibrant social and cultural life

ParisTech students are very active, and the Grandes Écoles are bustling with associations and networks to get in touch with each other. They are also involved in countless social and cultural projects and initiatives.
And the choice of cultural attractions in and around Paris that you can enjoy while studying at ParisTech is virtually endless.

Three campuses, one amazing place

ParisTech Sud in Saclay, ParisTech Est in Marne-la-Vallée and ParisTech Centre in the heat and heart of the Latin Quarter are all great places where you can enjoy campus life as much as city life.

A warm welcome

Most Grandes Écoles have world-class accommodation, restaurants and other facilities, and help new students with their administrative formalities. They also organise language courses for students who come here without the required proficiency in French.

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