Application 2019

Application 2019

  • October 15: Opening of the application. 

  • December 24: (Only) successful applicants will receive a notification to attend the interview to be held in January in Shanghai or in Beijing.

  • January 7 to 18: Interviews in Shanghai and in Beijing. Evaluation of the motivation, communication skills, and research projects of the applicants.

  • From late-January to late February: Online interviews with potential PhD advisor in France.

  • By the beginning of March: Admitted students will receive a provisional admission letter under the condition of being granted the CSC scholarship .

  • March 20 to April 5: Admitted students will apply for the CSC scholarship by registering on the platform of the CSC.

  • End May: Announcement of the results for the CSC fellowship.

  • From May to September: Successful applicants will receive an official admission letter, and will be informed by the CSC about all the administrative procedures required before their  departure for France (NB: attendance to the intensive French class in China organized by the CSC is mandatory for all admitted students) .

  • September/October: Arrival in France and beginning of the PhD thesis.

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