Application 2019

Application 2019

The application material includes an application form and two referee report forms to be downloaded.


If you want to be considered for a Doctorate at ParisTech the following documents are required:


  1. A completed application form.

  2. Two completed independent referee reports (recommendation form, ratings, personal evaluation).

  3. Student ranking certificates(bachelor and master).

  4. University academic transcripts(bachelor and master).

  5. An English summary of your master thesis.

  6. A personal statement including motivation and rough research plan (1-2 pages).

  7. A research plan (one page).

  8. Applicants are required to include evidence of their French or English proficiency ( No required minimum scores for language tests, any evidence to prove your English/French proficiency is accepted. To apply for the CSC scholarship, please refer to the Foreigne Language Proficiency conditions of the CSC).

  9. Any further document proving your academic or scientific achievement/excellence (ex. university prize, published work, previously awarded scholarship).

  10. A copy of your passport or resident ID card.


All documents must be submitted in English or French, the translated version is also acceptable.

Please fill out the application form, collect the completed referee reports, attach a scanned copy of the document listed above and send it to:


The deadline to receive the full application is December 15 2018.

  1. Please use a computer to fill out the application form, and save a copy in pdf. Alternatively, a scan of the completed application form is also acceptable.

  2. Please note that it is the responsibility of the applicants to ensure that the referee reports are returned duly completed.

  3. Please outline why you wish to study at ParisTech and do not hesitate to provide any additional information about yourself (interests, work experience, etc.) that may support your application.

  4. The research plan should describe the areas you are interested in and some work that you have done which has made you consider undertaking research.


On receipt of full required materials, your application will be considered. All documents will be reviewed by Professors from ParisTech 'Grandes Ecoles'.

An Interview (assessment of applicant's interpersonal skills) will be conducted in Shanghai or Beijing on January, 2019.

Online interviews will be arranged from late-January to late February 2019 between ParisTech 'Grandes Ecoles' advisors and eligible applicants. Successful applicants will receive the letter of admission.


Who is eligible for this program?

  • Students in China:
- Master's students (last year of Master or recent graduates) in a Chinese University
- First year PhD students in a Chinese University, though a recommendation from the home university will be required.
  • Students in France:
Second year Master's (M2) students or students graduated within less than a year (cf. Conditions of the CSC)
Students in one of the 32 partner countries* of the CSC:
Last year Master's students or students graduated within less than a year
  • Students in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan:
Chinese students who graduated from one of the universities in these regions or reside there during the whole application procedure are not eligible

USA, Canada, Cuba, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Serbia


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