Application 2019

List of PhD Research Proposals

Download the booklet of all Research Proposals for 2019 and the Excel table listed according to the Research Fields covered by ParisTech.


Students can either apply:

  • for a specific PhD research project

  • or for an entire research field.

(In this case the application file will be transmitted to all the supervisors of the selected research field. Check the database of ParisTech publications to identify potential PhD supervisors and mention them in your application)

Full list of 2019 PhD Research Proposals


ParisTech School

Research Proposal Title

1AgroParisTechDevelopment of new insect-pest control strategies aimed at enhancing the impact of biological control agents by reducing the immunocompetence of the host
2AgroParisTechInteractions cells/Anaplasma phagocytophilum
3AgroParisTechQuest of Pesticides in Foodstuff by using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry: targeted and untargeted approach
5AgroParisTechGenomics-enabled evolutionary biology study of jumping genes
6AgroParisTechImproving the operation of anaerobic digesters: high-throughput molecular ecology approaches to understand and prevent disturbances occurring during co-digestion
7AgroParisTechNeurotransmitter signaling pathways in tick salivary gland
8AgroParisTechGenetic variability of tick-borne viruses
9AgroParisTechCould tick symbionts interfere with tick-borne pathogen transmission?
10AgroParisTechAgricultural activities in land use planning and food planningpolicies
11AgroParisTechValorization of Insects and larvae into high-value functional proteins: eco-design, modelling and energy assessment
12Arts et Métiers ParisTechExperimental investigation of yield stress fluids flow in porous media with application to the development of a new porosimetry method
13Arts et Métiers ParisTechTackling a scientific challenge impacting 21st century technologies : heat transfer coefficients in porous materials
14Arts et Métiers ParisTechA strategy to build reduced mechanical models of composites structures based on data and machine learning
15Arts et Métiers ParisTechVery-high-cycle fatigue strength of metals under multiaxial stress state
16Arts et Métiers ParisTechEnhanced Surface integrity of Ti-6Al-4V parts produced by SLM and Machining: Multiphysics approach and Virtual Simulations
17Arts et Métiers ParisTechMachining of Ti-6Al-4V parts produced by Selective Laser Melting (3D printing): Multiphysics approach and Virtual Simulations
18Arts et Métiers ParisTechPeeling process monitoring: online measurement of wood veneer quality by force, vibration and sound-wave signal analysis
19Arts et Métiers ParisTechExperimental full-field strain and temperature measurement under extreme conditionsusing digital image correlation and an IR camera.Application to the machining process of titanium alloys
20Arts et Métiers ParisTechShaping the third millennium engineering: instantaneous numerical predictions, & data-driven engineering
21Arts et Métiers ParisTechImproving the characterization of a plasticity yield criterion using digital image correlation over enhanced heterogeneous tensile tests
22Arts et Métiers ParisTechStudy of the infusion process for compositesusinga thermoplastic liquid resin
23Arts et Métiers ParisTechCoupled fire and aging behaviours of bio-composites
24Arts et Métiers ParisTechCrack modeling and detection in a rotating shaft: A standard approach
25Arts et Métiers ParisTechData driven manufacturing imperfections prediction – Digital twin for geometrical quality management
26Arts et Métiers ParisTechQuality Management Framework for Additive Manufacturing Product and Process
27Arts et Métiers ParisTechDevelopment of process planning system for hybrid manufacturing
28Arts et Métiers ParisTechIdentification of parameters control and Improvement from thixoforging process of aluminums (vs Steel)
29Arts et Métiers ParisTechInfluence of stereovision scanning strategies on the accuracy of geometrical and dimensional measurement evaluations
30Arts et Métiers ParisTechContribution to the integration of Additive Manufacturing and Augmented Reality in early design phases to foster Creativity
31Arts et Métiers ParisTechHow Bio-Inspired Design can help designers to innovate for the future mobilityindustry?
32Arts et Métiers ParisTechCalorimetric manifestations of failure mechanisms within thermoplastic composite materials: application for fatigue life prediction of composite automotive components
33Arts et Métiers ParisTechGrain boundary formulation to investigate size effects on the formability of ultra-thin sheet metals
34Arts et Métiers ParisTechMultiscale fully coupled thermo-piezo-mechanical modeling of fiber reinforced piezoelectric actuators accounting for viscous and damage mechanisms
35Arts et Métiers ParisTechIntuitive 3DInteractions for Mobile Mixed Reality
36Arts et Métiers ParisTechHuman–Robot Collaboration in Integrated Manufacturing using Augmented Reality
37Arts et Métiers ParisTechInteractive Augmented Reality Using Wearable Haptics Systems
38Arts et Métiers ParisTechShape modeling of the world through augmented reality
39Arts et Métiers ParisTechGeometric simplification of digital CAD mock-up using substitution and envelope generation techniques exploiting explicit and implicit semantic information
40Arts et Métiers ParisTechDirect Numerical Simulation (DNS) of oil/water flows representative of oil spills in the ocean
41Arts et Métiers ParisTechNumerical simulation, analysis, and optimization of an innovant trochoidal propeller
42Arts et Métiers ParisTechDeep learning for multimodal segmentation of point clouds for reverse engineering of mechanical assemblies
43Arts et Métiers ParisTechMultimodal declarative modeling for fast sketching of draft CAD models in the creative design phases
44Arts et Métiers ParisTechMultiscale investigation of the thermal behavior of natural fiber composites for manufacturing applications
45Arts et Métiers ParisTechStrengthen mechanism of in-situ metastable phase in laser additive manufactured aluminum alloy
46Arts et Métiers ParisTechTopology Optimization of Additive Manufactured Parts including fatigue behavior
47Arts et Métiers ParisTechArchitectured metallic sheets through localized laser processing
48Arts et Métiers ParisTechComputational design and optimization of architectured materials
49Arts et Métiers ParisTechDesign and development of a process family planning prototype system
50Arts et Métiers ParisTechSolution space modeling for process platform-based production configuration
51Arts et Métiers ParisTechDewetting dynamics of a polymer thin film embedded in an immiscible polymer matrix
52Chimie ParisTechSmart functional material
53Chimie ParisTechDevelopment of new hybrid perovskites for advanced applications
54Chimie ParisTechBioactive surfaces
55Chimie ParisTechNew biocompatible surface-attached hydrogel immobilization matrix for improved biosensors
56Chimie ParisTechRuthenium Complexes against Cancer
57Chimie ParisTechElectrochemical CO2 Mineralization and H2Production
58Chimie ParisTech
59Chimie ParisTech
60Chimie ParisTechTotal synthesis of tulearin A and analogues
61Chimie ParisTechHigh-performance bioresorbable alloys for cardiovascular implants
62Chimie ParisTechDevelopment of new double hybridfunctionals for the description of ground and excited state properties
63Chimie ParisTechTandem Catalysis of Polyureas and Polyurethanes: A New Modular Approach to Polypeptide Analogues
64Chimie ParisTech
65Chimie ParisTechCorrosion protection at the nanoscale
66Ecole des Ponts ParisTechPrecipitation stochastic forecasts based on high resolution radar data, applications to olympic games
67Ecole des Ponts ParisTechAnalysis and simulations of extremely variable vector fields
68Ecole PolytechniqueForecasting Solar Eruptions against Space Weather Impacts on Earth infrastructures
69Ecole Polytechnique
70Ecole PolytechniqueOrigami: Designing the elastic response of an object in a fluid
71Ecole PolytechniqueWell defined complexes for cobalt catalysis
72Ecole Polytechnique
73Ecole PolytechniqueCobalt-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions
74Ecole PolytechniqueSynthesis and magnetic studies of organolanthanide complexes with slow magnetic relaxation
75Ecole PolytechniqueDevelopment of Original Decarboxylative Reductive Cross-Couplings
76Ecole PolytechniqueProofs without Syntax
77Ecole PolytechniquePalladium-catalyzed transformations of oxyallyl cations
78Ecole PolytechniqueCollective total synthesis of quinazoline alkaloids
79Ecole PolytechniqueDevelopMent of the potential Of alkyne-TItanium Complexes (DEMOTIC)
80Ecole PolytechniqueNew Routes to Organoboron Derivatives and to Functional Polymers
81Ecole PolytechniqueA Unified Route to Polycyclic Terpenes
82Ecole PolytechniqueFunctionnalized nanomaterials for gas sensing
83Ecole PolytechniqueLuminescent materials with controlled emission
84Ecole PolytechniqueSynthesis of catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells coupled with silicon nanowire solar cells
85Ecole PolytechniqueNovel 2D Nanomaterials and hierarchical nanostructures for next generation electronics and optoelectronics
86Ecole PolytechniqueHierarchically assembled nanostructures for energy and environmental sustainability applications
87Ecole PolytechniqueBio-inspired silicon surfaces for anti-biocontamination properties
88Ecole Polytechnique
89Ecole PolytechniqueEnabling Cortical Cell-Specific Sensitivity on Clinical Multi-shell diffusion MRI Microstructure Measurements
90Ecole PolytechniqueGraph of symbols and degeneracy for genomic data
91Ecole PolytechniqueLow power Wide Area Networks for Internet of Things
92Ecole PolytechniqueIntelligent High Performance Computer Networks
93Ecole PolytechniquePulsed cold  plasmas interacting with liquids 
94ENSTA ParisTechExplainable neural-symbolic learning
95ENSTA ParisTechDevelopment of Avalanche: a comprehensive framework for continual learning research
96ENSTA ParisTechDevelopment of fatigue-resistant shape memory alloys by microstructure optimization
97ENSTA ParisTechComplex dynamics of active systems
98ENSTA ParisTechExperimental and modeling study of thermal decomposition of Biomass
99ENSTA ParisTechLaser-plasma interaction using single-cycle laser pulses
100ENSTA ParisTech
101ENSTA ParisTechModelling the thermodynamic properties of electrolyte systems. Application to the simulation of novel flue gas treatment processes
102ENSTA ParisTechAromatic fungal polyketide synthesis: when bio-inspiration meets C-H activation
103ENSTA ParisTechWave propagation in highly heterogeneous media
104ENSTA ParisTechSocio-Affective Touch in Robotics
105ENSTA ParisTechMachine Learning for Natural Social Robot Behaviors
106ENSTA ParisTechIsocyanide Based Multicomponent Reactions and Transition Metal Catalysis
107ESPCI ParisUpconversion Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials for Optoelectronics
108ESPCI ParisMagnetic control of wettability on superhydrophobic surfaces
109ESPCI ParisUse of AI Techniques to Improve Ultrasound Based Silent Speech Interfaces
110ESPCI ParisSurface motion imaging of human breathing
111ESPCI ParisAcoustic monitoring and triggering of avalanches in granular media
112ESPCI ParisInducing spin-orbit and exchange interaction in 2-D materials by interface effects
113ESPCI ParisFluid-structure interaction in microfluidic flows
114Institut d'Optique Graduate SchoolSmart Infrared Incandescent Sources
115Institut d'Optique Graduate SchoolCoherent dipole-dipole coupling of organic molecules at cryogenic temperatures
116Institut d'Optique Graduate SchoolControlling spontaneous emission of quantum emitters
117Institut d'Optique Graduate SchoolInteraction between a magnetic flux quantum and a quantum nano- emitter
118Institut d'Optique Graduate School         Exploring the fundamental optical properties of perovskite single nanocrystals
119MINES ParisTechThermodynamic aspects of transport of CO2: phase equilibrium and transport properties
120MINES ParisTechNumerical modeling of induced seismicity due to fluid-injection in Geo-Energy systems
121MINES ParisTechDecision Aid Tools for tunnel excavation in complex geotechnical conditions
122MINES ParisTechStudy of carbon particles nucleation and growth in methane plasma cracking
123MINES ParisTechThe role of Carbon Market in the Chinese Energy Transition: long-term optimization of the Chinese energy system
124MINES ParisTechDeep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) for teaching behaviors to collaborative robots
125MINES ParisTechBig data based forecasts for the electric power system
126MINES ParisTechDynamic Line Rating: risk and impact on investment planning
127MINES ParisTechDefault detection for district heating networks using machine learning
128MINES ParisTechEfficiency, Scalability and Interactivity for Rewriting at Higher-Order
129MINES ParisTechScaling Up Polarized Deduction modulo with Machine Learning
130MINES ParisTechCophotolysis of water and carbon dioxide on doped TiO2based aerogels for the production of solar fuels
131MINES ParisTech
132Telecom ParistechNOMA based transmission optimization with low latency
133Telecom ParistechQuantification of antenna uncertainties in uncontrolled environments and impact on (5G and beyond) wireless networks
134Telecom ParistechUncertainty quantification and surrogate modeling in high dimensional spaces using machine learning
135Telecom ParistechSelective Approximation for Low Energy Convolutional Neural Networks
136Telecom ParistechHigh-speed quantum dot lasers on germanium/silicon for short communication links
















































































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