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The company is a player in its own right in the life of the Grandes Écoles. It is present in the decision-making and teaching bodies and collects and develops the skills and expertise of the Grandes Écoles, which it contributes to.  

It is a strategic partner and draws on its strengths in research and innovation that it contributes to and promotes.  A link in the same chain, Grande École and company are constantly interacting.  


A symbol of these partnerships between companies and the Grandes Écoles, the multi-institutional projects  are one of the strengths of ParisTech: 

  • the Institute of Sustainable Mobility (IMD) 
  • themed business groups  
  • multi-institutional masters 
  • multi-institutional chairs 
  • the Institut Villebon-Georges Charpak
  • the École d’ingénieurs ParisTech Shanghai Jiao Tong (SPEIT)
  • the Engineers & Doctors business club 

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles