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What is a chair?

The chairs developed by ParisTech and its member Grandes Écoles represent fields of expertise in teaching and research on specific topics in partnership with a company. These chairs make it possible to combine research activities at the highest level of excellence and the dissemination of knowledge among students.

The teaching and research chairs combine the lecturers-researchers with about a hundred industry partners. They create a connection between the Grandes Écoles, the partner universities, and major research organisations.

The multi-disciplinary chairs

ParisTech relies on the wide range of skills covered by its Grandes Écoles to develop projects which bring a multi-disciplinary approach to environmental and social issues.

These chairs were developed with the support of the Fondation ParisTech:

  • The Chair BiomeCAM Innovation et Handicap , since late 2010, brings together Arts et Métiers ParisTech, ESPCI Paris and MINES ParisTech in partnership with the Ecole Polytechnique. It receives the support of the Société Générale, the Fondation Cotrel, the company Proteor and the insurance consortium COVEA. It works around three lines of strategy: Clinical innovation in orthopaedics (medical sector); Comfort and safety (transport sector) ; Sport and health (sports sector)
  • The Eco-design of buildings and infrastructures Chair, since 2008, brings together AgroParisTech, the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and MINES ParisTech. It is supported by Vinci. There are 3 themes of research: energy, environment, and the regions.
  • The Nuclear engineering Chair, since 2009, brings together Chimie ParisTech and ENSTA ParisTech supported by Areva, then Orano and Framatome. The purpose of the Chair is to develop and derive value from the activities of Chimie ParisTech and the ENSTA ParisTech in the area of training and development at international level in the field of nuclear engineering.
  • The Complex systems engineering Chair, since 2011, brings together the ENSTA ParisTech and Télécom ParisTech in connection with the Ecole Polytechnique. It is supported by Dassault Aviation, DCNS, La Direction générale de l’armement (DGA) and Thales. The purpose of the chair is to be a centre of academic excellence in systems architecture and engineering.
  • The Urban mining Chair has associated Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Chimie ParisTech and MINES ParisTech since 2014. It is supported by Eco-Systèmes. Three themes of research are prioritized: the optimization of the strategic metals recycling industry; the sorting, compatibility and rehabilitation of plastics recycling; the development of new models for the circular economy.

The schools of ParisTech also developed

  • The Modeling for Sustainable Development Chair (MPDD) since 2008, brings together AgroParisTech, the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and MINES ParisTech, with funding from EDF, GRTgaz, Schneider Electric, the ADEME and the Ministère de la Transition Ecologique et Solidaire.
  • The “Water For All” Chair – Management and development of urban potable water and network purification services founded in partnership with Suez Environnement and implemented by AgroParisTech and MINES ParisTech
  • The Chaire Durabilité des matériaux et des structures pour l’énergie between the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and MINES ParisTech, with the support of the European Foundation for Tomorrow’s Energies, EDF, Engie, and GRT Gaz.
  • The Chaire Durabilité des élastomères et des polymères (DEEP) has since December 2016 brought together the Hutchinson company, MINES ParisTech and ESPCI Paris
  • The Chair of Medias and Brand Economics bringing together MINES ParisTech and Télécom ParisTech in partnership with Vivendi and Lagardère.
  • The Chair of Intellectual Property and Technology Markets bringing together MINES ParisTech and Télécom ParisTech in partnership with Air Liquide, Microsoft and Philips.
  • The Industrial Chair of Engineering and Frugal Innovations (I3F) bringing together AgroParisTech, the Institut d’Optique and Télécom ParisTech, in partnership with the Fondation Carrefour.


The chairs of the ParisTech schools

Lastly, the schools have individually rolled out a vast network of teaching and research chairs, with the financial support of a hundred partner businesses.

The Grandes Écoles have expanded an extensive network of teaching and research chairs with the financial support of about a hundred partner companies.

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