Soutien mobilité

The coordinated recruitment and dual degree programs implemented by ParisTech with its international academic partners are accompanied by the implementation of an active policy of supporting the mobility of concerned students throughout ParisTech as a whole and within each of its ten schools, including the awarding of:

- mobility support bursaries for international and French students via:  


- schemes introduced within each of the ParisTech schools to facilitate the reception of international students and the international mobility of their students (accommodation, administrative procedures, induction etc.)

- alumni associations of the ParisTech schools






 Agro ParisTech

 Fondation Agro ParisTech

Agro ParisTech Alumni

 Arts & Métiers 

 Fondation Arts et Métiers

 Arts et Métiers Alumni

 Chimie ParisTech


 Chimie Paris Alumni

 Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

 Fondation des Ponts

Ponts Alumni

 ESPCI Paris


ESPCI Alumni

 Institut d'Optique


L'Association des anciens de Supoptique

 MINES ParisTech

 Fondation Mines ParisTech

 Mines ParisTech Alumni



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